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For nearly two years I’ve been getting calls from Jack at work regarding F.T. Tuckshop in South Melbourne. Always rubbing it in that he works across the street and can “just have a jaffle on the go” if he forgets to have breakfast. And I know he sometimes leaves the house super early, not to go to work but, to go to Tuckshop. I know because these are always the days I get the calls:

“Hey! Guess where I went this morning?”
“Tuckshop, you goose egg.”
“Guess what Jaffle I had.”
“I don’t know, Jack. I wasn’t there.” I always put an emphasis on the jack hoping it relays my slight annoyance.
“Wasn’t very adventurous today. Just the bacon, egg and cheese, but it’s always so good.”
“Great. I’m really happy for you. Anything else?”
“Yea! The reason I called. Guess what the special Milkshake flavour is right now?”
“I don’t know. Probably something I love like Banoffee pie.”
“Yes!! How did you know!”

And that’s when the line goes dead.

The problem, which is really only a problem for me, is that F.T. Tuckshop is a small, hole-in-the-wall, hidden-down-an-alleyway tuck shop serving homemade food and old school jaffles to the people of South Melbourne because they want to. They are not showy or desperate for your business, they run the tuckshop as part of their catering business, Food Traders Catering.

They open to accommodate the people who work and live in South Melbourne. Until one day. Jack called me from Tuckshop yet again. This time it was to tell me that they were now open on Saturdays!

We finally got a chance to visit this past weekend.

Jack was nervous. After all the ruckus he’d caused and all the excitement he portrayed it was just, and I don’t quote, good food being served out of a small window with barely any out door seating options.

I ignored him. I really just wanted myself a nice, warm Jaffle. And, for only $4.50, that’s exactly what I got. Every Jaffle means at least four minutes of heaven, especially when you hit the middle of the each half.

We went early so we didn’t allow ourselves the treat of a milkshake, but that’s alright because I’ll be back very soon. Very soon.

The F.T. Tuckshop
2 Charles street South Melbourne Victoria, Australia 3205
Mon – Fri: 8am-4pm and Saturdays 9am-3pm



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    Thanks for your wonderful words about our humble tuckshop! However we do not endorse gloating about jaffles via phone or any other means of communication, it’s not very fair! See you next time for a milkshake

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