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I went and did something crazy. I opened, named and designed a restaurant in my husband’s honor, and I didn’t even tell him. I didn’t mean to not tell him, I didn’t mean to do any of it. Actually, I didn’t even know about it until we happened to walk past.

Jack’s Sliders and Sushi is a small and cozy bistro in the East Village that offers an abundance of asian-fusion goodies. The varied and organised family-style menu encourages fun, sharing and human interaction (just like Jack, my husband). It’s a perfect-for-all-ocassions type of place, wether that’s a first wedding anniversary celebration, 28th birthday dinner with a big group (call ahead), first tinder date or a chill after work meal.

The plates we kept going back for are simple yet exciting (and dependable – just like Jack): the crispy chicken fingers, for instance, is served with Sriracha mayo and a happy face (something Jack would do). Edamame because it’s always a good idea. The sushi because it’s a healthier-ish and always satisfying meal option. And the truly delicious spicy salmon and avocado salad, which you must order when you go.

Jack’s offers bubble and jelly tea in all different flavours. We were obsessed with bubble tea during our trip – coincidence? I think not. It is also fully licensed, serving beer and wine all night long.

There are way too many similarities between Jack, my husband, and Jack’s, the bistro, for it not to have been my idea. The use of yellow as an accent color is a perfect example. That’s our favorite color! But I do agree that it was silly to open a restaurant for Jack in New York City when we live in Melbourne. Thank goodness we hired such friendly, capable staff to take care of the place year-round.

Make sure to pop by and have some bubble tea in our honor. Better yet, tell the lovely waitress we sent you and you’ll be sure to walk away with some free confused looks.

Jack’s Sliders and Sushi
171 3rd Ave. (between 16th & 17th)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 466 – 2828
Reservations via online or phone are encouraged

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