Jackman + McRoss for Breakfast / Hobart

Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania

Jackman + McRoss is, for the sake of making my point, the only breakfast place you need to know about in Hobart. It’s simplistic, minimal, welcoming, comfortable and also a bit fancy with it’s colonial feel, bentwood chairs and copper fixtures.

Let me get straight to it – on Saturday morning we woke up early to get breakfast out of the way since we had a busy day of being tourists. The plan was to get in and out, food for the sake of energy.

We stayed almost an hour.

I ordered (MY NEW MOST FAVORITE PLATE) scrambled eggs wrapped in salmon on danish pastry, a chocolate croissant, two coffees and it all came out to $23. Can you believe that, Melbourne/Sydney?

But seriously – if I could have any cafe as my next door neighbor, Jackman + McRoss would be it. They sell incredible, fresh bread, made in house, their pastry shelves would make a coeliac risk it all, and the breakfast… well, it was just about the best. It was one of those plates you can’t really stop talking about as you eat it. You rave and rant to your friend about it as she does the same to you regarding her eggs benedict. You move on to compliment the lovely waiter about how delicious the food he brought out was, then the lovely lady at the baked good counter who’s wrapping up your chocolate croissant, and the barista making your take away coffee. You also let the people in line know how lucky they are and that you hope they appreciate it. Or else.

You, of course, go back first thing the next day and order the most unbelievable ham and cheese croissant and yet another chocolate croissant on the side. This leads to a formal complaint also known as a “Restraining Order”* waiting for you at your hostel. How embarrassing!

* Just kidding. I swear.

Jackman + McRoss
57-59 Hampden Rd Hobart, Tasmania 7004

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