Jack Post Cooks Stir Fry and Does Comedy

JackPostPosterI’m head over heels in love with a boy and I don’t care who knows it. You may not think that’s such a big deal (love happens every day, right?) but it is to my family. See, I was That Girl who refused to meet anyone special until the age of, at least, 28. And now look at me! I’m only 24 years old, in a serious relationship of almost 2 years, and falling more in love as each day passes.

Sometimes I think about Jack so much, and at such weird and inappropriate times that I just can’t help but laugh out loud, at myself. Silly girl – how did you get like this?

The answer is easy – Jack Post is the best boy I’ve ever known.

The two most important things to know about him at this very moment in time are 1) he cooks amazing stir fry, and 2) he has a comedy show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival coming up! If that’s not something to be intensely and embarrassingly proud of your (my) boyfriend for then I don’t know what is. I want to yell at you about it from the Mountain Tops! Sadly, I don’t have mountain tops at my disposal. I have a computer and the man himself.

Hello Jackimo, can you tell us why you name your Comedy show 10 Songs Each Better Than The Last? 

Thank you for your interest Biancima, yes. 10 Songs Each Better Than The Last is a promise that the show will only get better as it goes. If you are not enjoying right now, know that it is only going to improve, and if you are enjoying it, guess what, it improves.

Can you give us a Day In The Life Of a boy writing his debut comedy show? 

Well I get up in the morning and make a batch of stir fry, sit down, write some of the show, cook up a second batch of stir fry for lunch, have a nap, and then heat up the wok for some dinnertime stir fry around 7pm. (How heavily did you want me to lean on the stir fry stuff babe?)

I hear you work for Hamish and Andy, do they treat you nicely? 

You heard correctly my dear, I knew that after almost 2 years together the news would finally reach you. They are very nice boys who make everything I write for their show sound really funny.

If you could only use one line to sell your show what would it be? 

A punch line.

Rate your singing abilities from 1 – 10. One being the best. Oh, and it’s opposite day. 

I feel to avoid confusion for states and territories who do not observe opposite day on the same day, I will say 5. That way it is the same whichever way you look at it.

Tell us the truth… Are you nervous from April 9th (The date of the first show)? 

Traditionally no. For this April 9 however, yes, I guess I will be a little nervous.

Okay. Now. More importantly… What is your favorite meal/restaurant in all of Melbourne? 

Your cooking doll! Especially because it is usually in Melbourne when I am in Melbourne, but it also travels where I travel. Not a lot of other restaurants are doing that.

Is stir fry the only dish you cook worth bragging about? 


My bloody-awesome poached eggs and my tasty-as-heck lamb chops aren’t dishes I would necessarily “brag” about.

How did you learn to make it? 

A girl from work gave me the recipe after I explained to her that my dinner from the night previous was a mandarin and a box of Shapes.

Is the wok really your favorite kitchen utensil? We hear you use to cook Chili Con Carne. 

The wok was really working well for me until the night of the Chili Con Carne. It ended my hot streak.

Will you PLEASE share the recipe! 

Ok, but I hope you know this is an EXCLUSIVE to your blog only. The others only know there is some onion in there.

Hokkien Noodles


A lemon

Cashew nuts, unsalted


Red capsicum

Chili paste

Soy sauce

Fish sauce

Boil Hokkien Noodles then cook everything in the wok.



You can find  more about Jack’s show on his very informative website, you can also learn more about him on Facebook, or twitter, or instagram! You can judge the blurb describing the show on the MICF website, OR you can head over the Ticketmaster and buy tickets straight away! Then you can head over to your kitchen and follow the easiest stir fry recipe known to man, boy or comedian.


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