It’s Warburton Time!

Visit Victoria

If you have ever heard someone say ‘Warburton is the perfect weekend get-away’ they were not lying to you. Warburton is an incredible place!

You can eat delicious food, visit wineries, explore until your hearts content, see waterfalls, sequoia trees, ride bikes down the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail. This creates one of those too-much-to-do-so-little-time scenarios when you’re only there for two days.

1. Redwood Forest! Sequoia Trees!

There is a forest full of perfectly lined, fairly young and still growing sequioa trees in Warburton. I’m not sure why people aren’t freaking out about this! It’s incredibly beautiful. May I suggest you take a picnic and set up in the middle of the forest, and make forts from fallen tree branches? So much pure, unadulterated fun!

Silly us, we went all the way to California last year to see these first generation trees.

Visit Victoria

Visit Victoria

Sequoia Forest

visit victoria

2. Little Joe:

Eat a great wood fired pizza or have a delicious coffee/breakfast at Little Joe. This comfortable and cozy cafe is fairly new and, due to its alarming rate of OMG! Yum!, is always busy. We tried for outdoor seating twice (LUNAAAA!), but had to get takeaway. We had our crispy and perfectly sauced pizza by the lake and had quite the romantic meal – the type when your puppy won’t stop trying to eat your food because the park bench is mount-level for her, but she’s so cute that it’s hard to be angry.


little joe

3) Ice Cream:

Okay. I’m infamous for not liking ice cream  but the The Rainbow Ice Cream Shop turned me into a Belieber. No wait. It’s an ice-creamer. I ended up taking Jack’s cone and making it my own.




4) Hikes, Trails and Waterfalls.

Lilydale to Warbuton Rail trail: You’ll see mountains, farm animals, horses, lots of families biking to breakfast. It was glorious! There are rental bike places all along the 40k route. And it’s perfect for a long Sunday run if you are training for a marathon.

Explore Warburton

La La Falls: This is a simple, quick and fun 3.2k (return) walk that will lead you a cute little water fall in the middle of nowhere!

Explore Warburton

Riverside Tracks: Behind the main road of shops in Warburton you’ll come across the Yarra River. There are tracks along both banks that lead to an incredibly calming and enjoyable walk any time of the day, I’m sure.


Redwood Forest: This is where you can find those damn sequoia trees we’re obsessed with. You’re probably sick and tired of hearing about them so I won’t go into it again. But seriously, go!



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