It’s Curry Night! It’s Cheap Curry Night!


Are you doing anything tonight? I know it’s Tuesday, but I swear I have a good idea! I know, I know I rather go straight home after work, sit on my Ikea sofa bed and catch up on Game of Thrones too. I know, I KNOW, I rather drag the heater over right in front of my feet instead of having to wear double socks to stand the start of the cold Melbourne winter outside.

But listen, sometimes we just have to grow up and hang out with our friends during the work week. And sometimes we must be adults about it and seek out the most cost effective activity that will keep us on our weekly budget! Ah ha! I have just the thing… Tuesday Curry Night at the London Tavern Hotel in Richmond.

The deal is a big, fat, delicious plate of curry – you’re given 3 options, what you choose is up to you – for $10 dollars; the gorgeous beer garden is just a bonus. I know, I KNOW we mentioned the cold before but the whole place is heated and cozy and wonderful. And I know you don’t want to go to a beer garden if you’re not drinking, but, I mean, I know you know that I know that we all sometimes secretly just want a drink, so get one!

Chances are you will still be home before 9:30, right on  time for one episode of Game of Thrones. Anything more that one a night would be greedy and selfish really. Some people are already up to date on season 3 and actually have to wait a few days for the next one.

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