It’s a Small World After All


It’s a small world after all. Right? RIGHT?

We’ve all said that at some time in our lives, but have we meant it? I think so, because it’s true. It really is!

I miss bagels, see. I’m from the US, lived in New York City for 2 years, so I’ve been around the bagel block. And I haven’t been able to find a bagel in Melbourne that tickles my fancy. I’ve been following 5 and Dime Bagels for a long time now. I follow him on twitter and tumblr, I look forward to him announcing which Farmers Market he’ll be selling bagels at on the coming weekend. I always plan to go but don’t for two reasons, 1) I don’t have a car and it’s usually pretty far, and 2) I haven’t been able to convince anyone to go with me. I feel the experience of my first delicious bagel is something that should be witnessed with someone I know. So, I put the idea to rest and concentrated on other, less important, things in life. This is where the small world-ness of it all begins.

We decided to go to the Essendon footy game on Saturday. If you are Australian you probably know we beat Carlton by one goal. Exciting, really exhilarating stuff. We felt bad for Carlton so we decided to go there for breakfast on Sunday (Or more like we wanted to rub it in their face. We didn’t wear our Essendon jumpers though. We were nice about it). We had Market Lane in mind because a friend mentioned it on Friday. Little did we know Market Lane in Carlton is a small pop-up for take away coffee and treats. Not what we were looking for. So we picked a street, walked down and saw a cafe that caught our eye, Vincent the Dog. Jack looked it up on UrbanSpoon, because he doesn’t trust anything without a percentage attached to it. Luckily for me, it had a 100% rating with 19 votes (now 20). That’s basically unheard of!

Then, as I was walking in, I saw it. The menu board with the words “5 and Dime Bagels” proudly displayed at the top.

I almost peed my pants with excitement as a sat down on the large communal table. I wanted to greet everyone around and ask if they knew the role the were playing in this exciting moment in my life! It was that kind of atmosphere. Carefully, Jack pulled me back down to Real Life and handed me a menu. There were only three bagel options, I wish we had brought a third friend. I got the Salmon Avocado, Jack got the pulled pork. I tried my first flat white piccolo, Jack got a latte.

While they weren’t your typical bagel meals, both our plates were scrumptious, filling and perfect. The staff were so nice too. Our waitress told us they had been serving 5 & Dime bagels for about two weeks now. She said the best thing about them is the smell of the new batch coming through the door. I can imagine, but I don’t want to because I know my imagination would not do it justice.

Anyone up for a Farmers Market trip this weekend? I want to make it an even smaller world.


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    If I lived on your side of the hemisphere, I’d be down for a farmers market trip! Unfortunately, Philly’s farmers markets will have to suffice for now 🙂

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