It was a pleasure to eat you!


Accidentally coming across an unforgettable place to eat comes second on the “Ways to Find New Restaurants” list to a getting a good recommendation from a friend. And that’s only because when a friend’s recommendation works out you instantly become BFFs.

The Winery was probably my most random find yet. We had reserved one day in Sydney to walk around and explore different neighborhoods because walking is the best way to get around as a tourist, and my parents are in real estate. Plus, people kept telling me I must visit Surray Hills, “It’s like a new, way better, clean Fitzroy.”

Why the comparison? Can’t we all just get a long?

After walking down Crown Street – mostly judging – we got it. Yes, it’s beautiful, surprisingly spacious, and a little cleaner than Fitzroy but where are all the cafes! Where are the people! Where is the liveliness. Then my dad, who was only looking for a coffee, found The Winery.

Let me exaggerate by saying that finding The Winery was life-changing. Okay, no. That’s taking it too far. It was day-changing though, because we immediately erased our plans.

A title usually reserved for Disney World, The Winery proved to be one of the happiest, coolest places on earth. It’s where I want to have my 25th birthday party. Everything about it screams COOOL. Then the restaurant does a back flip and you turn to your friend and say, “See, told you it was cool!!”

The courtyard is large and beautifully kept, with accent colors spread through it. The design is what really gets you though. Every room has a completely different feel.Whatever mood you may be in, there is a spot in the restaurant to accommodate it. And the cherry on top of it all is the food. We weren’t even hungry, but we ordered two glasses of wine, a cheese plate, and the chicken liver pate. Oh, and of course, refill after refill of their lightly toasted, warm bread.

If you asked me to recommend ONLY one place (this is a ridiculous request, why would you do this to me!) during a trip to Sydney, I would say that you should go to The Winery.

It was a please to eat you, The Winery.

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