Is there anyone else in the world that does this?

I knew my boyfriend was weird when we started dating, it’s half the reason why he’s my favorite person on the planet. But I didn’t catch on to his weird food habit until this summer. He does this thing with any and every plate that brings french fries as a side that freaks me out.

For example: He ordered a hamburger at Pub on the Park, and didn’t look at it or touch it until all of his french fries were gone. Even at McDonalds he does this. 

The worst part is that he’s so full by the time he gets to fixing up his burger that he only eats half of it and probably only because I tell him about the starving children in… everywhere. 

I’ve seen them scoff down a burger and never touch their fries, I’ve seen people put fries in their burgers, and I’ve witnessed people order fries only. I’ve never, EVER!, seen anyone make french fries a priority like him.

* these pictures were taken about 10 minutes apart. The fries were gone and the hamburger was still untouched by the time I was done with my meal.

Is there anyone else in the world that does this?


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