I’m a Tetris Champion

Eating Out  People talk a lot about diets. ‘I want to try this’, and ‘have you heard of this new diet’ and ‘have you bought that book on the sugar diet yet’. And as much as I love a good diet chat, I know that strict diets don’t work for me. I think everything in moderation, even moderation, is key. Therefore my big problem is portion size, and eating until full. I don’t think I’ve ever felt full whilst the plate was still in front of me. The plate has to be taken away from me. And only sometimes will I crawl after it on my knees and hands. Ok. No, most of the time I do it walking normally on my two feet as to not draw any attention to the situation.

During one of those diet talks I expressed my concerns. Someone suggested I should slow down while eating, let my stomach settle and wait until I don’t feel hungry anymore.

So I’ve been trying it and the opposite has been happening! It’s maddening. Jack says my stomach is just really good at Tetris. It knows where to move all the incoming pieces to keep from filling up to the top. The other thing with this is that, if the food is good, I just don’t see myself being wasteful by pushing my plate to the side and being all like ‘nahhhh, I’ve probably had about enough now’.

I’ll keep trying this for a bit longer, but only because I loved Tetris growing up and I like being good at things.

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