I’ll Probably Never Get the Words Diner and Dinner Confused Again.

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Jack and I have been wanting to go to two American style eateries but hadn’t gotten to it until earlier this week. One is the Kodiak Club on Brunswick St (always closed when we can go), and the other is Belle’s Diner on Gertrude Street. It took Jack buying a nice jumper and an even better jacket to get us there. I’m pretty certain his words were, “I think we look too cool now to go somewhere we’ve already been.” And so I tried to match his coolness by putting on some new boots and we headed to Gertrude Street, the classier side of Fitzroy.

Belle’s Diner looks like any diner you’ve seen in the movies except not at all. It’s cool, modern, filled with vintage furniture and a whole different breed of people than the type you saw in the diner scene of Silver Linings Playbook. The booths, one after the other, are adorned with hot sauces doubling for center pieces. The windows belonging to each booth are normally always open allowing for an airy, chatty  atmosphere. They Diner sign is, in my opinion, what will draw people passing by in. I want one that lights up the word Bug, the nickname Jack lovingly (?) gave me.

To be honest, I wasn’t craving southern fried chicken that day but when I saw it featured on the menu I knew I was meant to have it. I’ve been living in Melbourne for over a year and have not seen fried chicken offered on a menu once, unless you count KFC, which of course we don’t. The fried chicken was tasty, crunchy and juicy; it blended perfectly with the coleslaw and BBQ sauce it comes with. My little side of Mustard made a fabulous addition as well. Jack had the burger and shared a plate of spiced old bay french fries with me. He loved his but made a point to mention it’s best for the times you feel like a more-buns-than-meat type of burger.

At this moment though I don’t really care about what type of burger place it is, how many intimidating hipsters are there, or about the fact it’s really not a diner at all. I’m just happy I found a place* with a good drinks menu where I can get me some quality fried chicken from time to time! I’ll probably try to go for lunch one day since they serve bagels and oh, do I miss my bagels.

*As I was telling friends at work about how I DISCOVERED the ONLY fried chicken joint in all of Australia they laughed at me and gave me a list of places I need to try. Next week, I will start my Australian Fried Chicken Eat Off at St. Katherine’s. If you know of any places I should add to my list, let me know!

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