If You Can’t Be an Athlete…

If you can’t be an athlete be an athletic supporter! Is that table right or is it very right?

Now a days you can change almost anything about yourself. You can change anything from your hair, to your car, weight, address, career, boyfriend, priorities, to your your blog theme. I know, I’ve changed all of those.  One thing I was never able to change no matter how hard I wanted is the speed with which I run.

I’m slow. I’m very slow. You’d be surprised how slow I am.

I don’t know if your friends do this, but my friends love racing each other. They think they are little versions of Usain Bolt and challenge each other to 100m sprints. Since I’m an athletic girl, they give me weird looks when I start backing away slowly, jog to my car and speed away.

That brings me to my sister, the speed machine. She’s strong, toned, and raises fear in anyone that is in her way. People use to laugh at me when I ran; that may seem like it could work in my benefit because their defences are down but by the time I got to them with the ball they were done laughing and ready to take the ball away from me.

I’m the type of person that faces the facts and move on when I try really hard to improve (training) and nothing comes of it. Many years ago, my sophomore year of High School, I gave up on trying to be good at soccer. The only thing I was missing was speed, but it was the only thing I knew I’d never get. Instead I focused on things I was actually good at which had nothing to do with soccer or speed, while becoming my sister’s number one fan.

She’s good. She’s very good. You’d be surprised how good she is. 

One of my favorite things in the world is supporting and watching my sister play college soccer at BU. She works so hard, and I respect her so much for it. I know I’m biased but in my eyes, she’s a super star! I could not be prouder, happier, and more excited for her. It probably doesn’t make sense, but because she has been able to accomplish so much through soccer I’ve never, ever felt bad about sucking, failing, and taking up a spot on my team for so long.

The only thing that really stuck with me is my ability to eat like an athlete.


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