If Only You Were Here!

Dight Falls Abbotsford Victoria

Above you will see a picture of Jack thinking deep, meaningful thoughts while on my first trip to see Dight Falls. Thoughts like, where will we go for lunch? 0h, no wait. That was me.

Dight Falls is the part of 242k long Yarra River which runs all through Melbourne. It’s not a tourist attraction; as Jack and his friends said, “I haven’t even thought about that place since I was a kid.” But it’s serene and peaceful and on a beautiful running track. It’s nice to know it’s just around the corner from inner city living.

Dight Falls comes courtesy of 800,000 year old volcanic, basaltic lava flow and a much older steep, silurian, sedimentary spur (thank you Wikipedia). Model comes courtesy of money because this guy charges a lot for back of the head shots. Photo comes courtesy of me.




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