Ice Cream is Upon Us All!


Guys! The day is basically here and ice cream is upon us all! Expect a lot of exclamation marks in this post; I apologize in advance. Gelato Messina will finally open up in Melbourne tomorrow, Thursday November 14th to be exact! And what a beautiful date that is.

The magical wonderland is located on Smith Street in Fitzroy. That is approximately exactly a two minute bike ride and an eight minute walk from my house. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW GIDDY I AM! I am paralyzed with excitement!

Coincidently I’ve been in Sydney for work this week, and you better believe I grabbed a salted caramel scoop in a scone my first night up here, rain falling, cold wind thrusting and all. I’ll go again tonight to keep the momentum going. But! I really just can’t wait to fly back to Melbourne, buy my first full tub, take it home, and enjoy the extraordinary flavors of Messina from my very own couch!

Hahaha. Remember back in the beginning of July when I nervously asked Messina if they could please open up in Melbourne? Who would have thought it was that easy!

Gelato Messina
237 Smith Street, Fitzroy

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