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I have a hard time spending money on clothes, shoes and handbags, but show me a good greeting card and I will empty out my pockets. That’s basically what happened in Copenhagen when I came across the adorable collection of zines created by Lena Nicolajsen.

I spent an hour reading every single zine in a small, lifestyle store near the Torvehallerne Market in Norreport. Then, for fun, I reread them and matched each one up with a person in my life who would just get it. Every zine features an excruciatingly adorable animal gushing about love and friendship and feelings and emotions. They are simple but detailed and so, so meaningful: a little booklet bursting with passion.

Lena effortlessly portrays the heart wrenching and anxiety inducing embarrassment that goes with admitting you feel a certain way about a special someone.

I instantly fell in love with them. I only took two home with me that day, but after a strong feeling of regret combined with some online stalking, I realized we can all buy them from her online store.

Let us rejoice!

Here’s an example of what each booklet looks like inside:


Doesn’t he just melt your heart? I want to send one of these to all my best friends.

I also want to hug someone right now.

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    YES! Forget the handbags, but show me those cards…especially the hand drawn, one-of-a-kind creations that say something with just the right amount of cuteness, love and irresistibility… there is just no sense in holding back <3

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