I Know What You’re Doing This Sunday!

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There’s something going on this Sunday! It’s open every Sunday, in fact. And it’s just as convenient as it is fun. It’s Flemington Farmers Market!

I might not be able to go this Sunday but I really would like you to go in my place! I know people either like going to farmers markets or they don’t, there’s not real in-between on the subject, but this is a goodie. It’s small enough where you don’t feel overwhelmed, but large enough where you can have a delicious Sunday breakfast and get your coming week’s shopping done with a good coffee in hand.

To be honest my whole aim in going to Flemington Farmers Market was to visit 5 and Dime Bagels. I love those little rascals, and I couldn’t wait to get a bag full. They are what all bagels should be in Melbourne! I knew (from previous stalking) that Zen sells out quickly so we went early. Pre breakfast, pre coffee. It almost felt wrong.

So glad we did though because we got to try Chef Michael’s BBQ breakfast. He uses seasonal and fresh ingredients from his fellow stallholders to create delicious breakfast options for us all. It’s a fantastic idea and the result is even better! I got the poached egg, polenta and brioche (it had popcorn in it!! IN it!). It was out of this world and by far the most impressive plate I’ve had in a while. Bel had the Tanjil Pork Baked Beans. She loved it, I tried it and we both agreed it was a ripper! You won’t be able to get our exact meals as his menu changes every week, but who knows! You’ll probably get something better.

Flemington Farmers Market 

Mt Alexander College, 167-175 Mt Alexander Rd‎ Flemington VIC 3031 

Every Sunday from 9am – 1pm! 


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