I Have to Talk About Popovers

I need to talk about Popovers.

I had never heard of, seen, or tried a popover until this past week during my attempt to make yet another Jamie Oliver recipe. Since I’m new to his multitasking style of cooking, and I’m very nervous to be cooking for my parents instead of my boyfriend (who will tell me he likes anything I make) I’m very careful when choosing a recipe. If I don’t feel I can make every single aspect of the meal then I simply skip some. This usually means the drinks and desserts become an after thought.

When I was studying the Beef Tenderloin with Crispy Potato recipe in Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute Meals, I didn’t understand what the Popover was. Is it dessert? Is it a side? Is this a mistake? How is this so simple? Just flour, eggs, salt and milk? This isn’t a thing!

I decided to make it regardless of my doubts as a valuable addition to the meal. It was so simple so why not.

And okay, I can’t stop eating them now!

According to everything I’ve now looked up, I’m eating them wrong. But not knowing what to do with a plate full of simple, plain jane popovers and a disappointed look on my mom’s face, I went to the pantry, found condensed milk, and told them to dip.

It’s just so easy and so satisfying; they seem to fit perfectly with every meal. I want to start serving them with white chocolate or milk chocolate. Has anyone else done this yet?

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