I Fell Out of The Sky and Chose Pizza as My Celebration Meal

NZQT201161115596I did something crazy last year. I let a man I only knew for a total of about 10 minutes lightly push me out of a very small plane – which was spray painted to look like the shark from Jaws – with only a parachute to nail my landing.

I made it, yes. I am alive. But it went so fast and I had so many emotions running through me that I don’t feel like it was real. If I hadn’t paid for pictures to be taken on the way down I could have probably tricked myself into thinking it was all a dream and I used to read Word Up magazine.

Okay, not a dream. More like a nightmare because when you’re free falling through the clouds and your cheeks are flapping back and forth so hard you fear the skin might rip off, it’s a problem.

Skydiving was, by far, one of the most exhilarating, coolest experiences of my life. By no means though did I even consider going again, this year. I’ll have to wait for my nerves to calm down. I still get goosebumps when I say, type, or hear the word skydive.

Jack and I couldn’t wait  to get back to Winnies, the restaurant where we celebrated our said braveness, though. I know it’s because of their delicious pizza and I know it’s because of the amazing lunch deal they offer, but I was also excited for a chance to reminisce. For some reason I feel I have the right to reminisce about skydiving for the rest of my life.

Winnies, however, I can’t really reminisce about. We go there and have it almost too much. It’s our go-to restaurant in Queenstown, it’s the one we trust to be there for us no matter what, it’s the one we expect consistency from and delivers every single time. We’ve gotten it take away, delivery, been there for dinner and the lunch deal. It’s all great! And the atmosphere is the cherry on top. They have an outdoor seating area that gives you a small peak of the lake, a second level outdoor seating area that gives you a view of the luge and the gondola. They have a warm fire place inside with brown leather couches surrounding it, all directly opposite of a pool table that’s always in use.

But I know what you really want to hear about. What’s that lunch deal you mentioned earlier, you’re yelling through the computer. I can hear you, you know! The deal is you pay $15 and get any small pizza of your choosing with a drink (beer, soda, water?). Pretty good. They also offer gluton free pizza, veggie options, AND a daily happy hour!

My ultimate Queenstown dream would be: becoming a local and a professional sky diver, that way when I spontaneously decide to skydive on any given day I can land myself in the upstairs outdoor area of Winnies and have a pepperoni pizza and a pint of beer waiting for me at my usual table.

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