Huxtaburger and Denise // Melbourne

I’ve done it! I’ve found my favorite cheeseburger in all of Melbourne… well,  for the moment.

I’ve traveled through Melbourne often and far in search of a delicious, mouth watering burger. I’ve taken the tram, then train, the car and never a taxi, but I should have known – all I needed to do was walk. Huxtaburger is on Smith Street and Peel Street on the border of Fitzroy and Collingwood and about a 10 minute walk, 5 minute bike ride from my house. Bad or good? We’ll soon find out.

It’s a very small restaurant, but if you’re going down Smith Street you’ll easily spot it. They’ve got a great name and stand out theme colors. You may say something to yourself like, “Oh wow. That looks real yum. H-U-X-T-A-B-URGER. Can’t wait to go there.” It’s what I did last year before leaving to London* and look at me now!

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you about the actual hamburger. She’s called Denise (the hot one) (those parenthesis are not my own, they’re actually on the menu)(but she IS supppper hot!). She’s a Huxtaburger, meaning a beef pattie, mustard, mayo, tomato cause, cheese, lettuce and pickles, but for a dollar extra, Denise also comes with jalapenos and sriracha mayo. What a babe! The chipotle fries on the side are addictive because the seasoning is spicy as and who doesn’t love setting their mouth on fire. Everything comes so nicely packaged, I wanted to order more to see what other patterns they would used for serving. How adorable is the bucket of chips! That’s beside the point though. The points is: you have to go and tell me if you enjoy it as much as we do.

We went in the late afternoon and easily found a nice wooden table complete with red benches. But Jack told me it gets packed during lunch time, which I chose not to believe since I’m bitter about him going to Huxta and having HER without me. Either way, for the quality and prices (Denise is under 10 bucks!) I would ask a stranger to share a table with me any day.

*If you asked me for advice on planning a trip based solely on the consumption of one burger, I would most likely tell you about London’s El Chapo because 1) read this and 2) Denise tried to steal my boyfriend.  


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    This post immediately made me think of Fergburger in Queenstown, NZ. Did a quick search of your blog and saw you were there but didn’t mention the Ferg. Have you been? Burgers and fries are great! And that’s coming from an American who knows her burgers lol

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