Hurwundeki; The Multi-tasker

Think of the biggest multi-tasker you know. Got it? Okay, I know the restaurant equivalent.

Hurwundeki in Bethnal Green, London multitasks the shit out of their real estate. What with it’s industrial interior, and a play-groundy looking exterior.

One minute it’s a comfortable coffee shop for book worms and writing nerds to enjoy, the next minute it’s an exclusive hair salon. It’s also a vintage store, all their pieces line the walls acting as decorations. You’ll probably spot a crow statue with a top hat and wish you had one in your home. Then you’ll notice separate price tags hanging for both items; you’ll smile to yourself in acknowledgment, touche Hurwundeki, touche.

Finally, my favorite facet, Hurwundeki is a BYO(wine)B Korean restaurant. It offers four delicious, steamy, filling options for lunch and dinner. Dinner is a tad more expensive, but is served on black hot plates you could probably purchase if you asked nicely.

In London, Hurwumdeki  became my home away from my hotel. The staff is friendly, the music is funky, and you will never get kicked out. Even if your nursing the same coffee from three hours ago. Not that I would ever do that. No, not me. Never.

Plus, I saw Alexa Chung there so you know it has to be cool.

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