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There is a very prominent debate that’s been kept very hush-hush since I’ve lived in Australia, it’s very tellingly called: Melbourne vs. Sydney.

Who’s to say which is better? I’ll tell you who’s not to day… me, because I’m totally and completely biased towards Melbourne. I mean, I love, live, work and play in Melbourne.

But! I have to admit (boyfriend – stop reading) the first night of my recent trip to Sydney took my mine and my families breath away.

We took the ferry from Sydney Harbour to Manly and had dinner at Hugos. I say that very casually but it’s quite an experience.

We opted for taking the fast ferry from Circular Quay and as we sped past that lovely bridge and that marvelous place they call the Sydney Opera House I had a bit of a tick a box off your bucket list moment. We sat on the top floor with one other local, brave soul. Once we got some distance from the harbour looking back hurt my jaw. I wanted to take a picture so I could go home and paint it later. I did one, but not the other.

After some moon dancing against the wind, and a load of saliva flying out of my mouth every time I yelled something (sexy!) we spotted Manly and then Hugo’s and my belly literally jumped for joy. It jumped off the ferry, swam to shore, and dried as I asked for a table. I took my family there on a Monday at 6:30pm and it was still packed! How could it not be, the food is incredible and the view is even better.

We wrote our name down and got to know Manly a little better; by the time we were seated in, what I think was, the best spot in the house it was time for the sunset. We were in heaven, so we ordered Peronis straight away because that’s what I hear you do when you get to heaven.

Hugo’s menu offers a lot more than just pizza but you really shouldn’t waste your time asking if the salmon comes with skin on. Instead order your favorite pizza and spend the rest of the time asking for restaurant suggestions, that’s how we got our hot tip for eating at Bondi.

If you were to ask me right this moment if I like Melbourne or Sydney better I would have to say Melbourne. But on that night sitting in the patio area of Hugos, amidst the colors of the sunset that can only be described as the “Rise” filter on Instagram, with a cold beer, my family making me smile and pizza keeping my tummy full I would have immediately yelled out Sydney. SYDNEY!

What we ordered:

Tomato salad with fresh buffalo milk mozzarella, olives & capers

Margherita Pizza ‐ Roma tomato, buffalo milk mozzarella, Parmesan & fresh basil

Italian Pizza‐ meatballs, shaved Parmesan, tomato & oregano salad

The last pizza was a special.


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