Honolulu is Paradise.

Honolulu Kahala Resort and Spa Honolulu Honolulu Kahaluu Coastline Honolulu

Honolulu is underrated.

Don’t you think?

My family and I had 4 days (6 including total flying time) to spend together. With my parents coming from Miami, my sister coming from Boston and me from Australia, it was decided that we would go to Hawaii. A little over 10 hours flying time for everyone.

While I get excited from any trip involving spending time with my family, I wasn’t particularly dying to go back to Hawaii. We had been as kids and I remember it fondly, but not as a Must Do type of place. What a little pain in the bum I must have been as a child; As if Hawaii wasn’t good enough. Hawaii is definitely a MUST DO! It’s a must go and see and experience and relax and explore. It’s got everything. It really, really does. If you’re thinking about going on, definitely do it. Book the flight now!

Honolulu is paradise; rain or shine.

We got two days of crap weather and two days of absolutely beautiful weather. All four days were spectacular.

When we “had enough” of sipping mojitos on the beautiful beaches, we rented a car and drove down the coastline to catch some 30 ft waves (and watched safely from the sidelines). We examined how the fog rolled in over the dramatic mountains and pretended we were the stars of Jurassic Park 3. Coming soon to a theatre near you. When we grew “bored” of nature we took a shuttle over to Waikiki and strolled through the gorgeous streets filled with luxury shops, cafes, and “glamorous” people in their holiday attire.

We ate casually, deliciously and in abundance. Thanks to their authentic food truck culture, food seems to (quite literally) make the world go round over there.

The possibilities are endless in Honolulu and it’s beauty is immaculate.

There’s this thing that happens there. The colors of your surroundings pop with ferocity. The greenery is deep; it looks so healthy and alive you want to get to know it. The blue of the ocean is intense and even the brown that mixes them together is worth noticing. It is like you’re living in a fully contrasted Lo-Fi Filter. And I loveeeee Instagram.

It’s the first Meet-You-There-Family-Trip (see others here, herehere, and here) we’ve taken that I’ve come home to Australia feeling relaxed and re-energized. I can’t wait to go back.

A few more pictures to follow!


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