Hobart: So much to do, so little time! Part 1

I don’t feel like we were rushed in Hobart but we did jam pack our reschedule for the two days we were there. I used to make schedules and run sheets for a living so planning the best, smoothest day possible is embarrassingly fun for me.

1. Mount Wellington  Mount Wellington Mount Wellington Mount Wellington Mount Wellington Mount Wellington Mount Wellington Mount Wellington Mount Wellington

Our first stop of Day 1 was Jackman + McRoss then around 8am came Mount Wellington, that enormous mountain overlooking the city of hobart. The top of Mount Wellington is just a 30 minute drive from Battery Point. There are lots of ways of going about Mount Wellington: walking to the top, biking, choosing a trail that appeals to your most or driving and stopping at every turn where there is a view. Click here for the best guide to hiking/driving Mount Wellington I found. Even though going and just making it work will be easy peasy.

Oh and bring gloves.

2. Cascade Brewery 

Cascade Brewery Hobart Cascade Brewery Hobart Cascade Brewery Hobart  Visiting Cascade Brewery was the activity that would have been skipped if worst came to Worry Wort. The beauty of this building belongs at Universal Studios in Orlando; It reminds me of the Tower of Terror in the most romantic way possible.

Cascade Brewery is perfectly placed between Mount Wellington and Hobart; a short 15 minutes for each. One thing to keep in mind (which I didn’t know until we arrived) is that going inside the brewery is only part of the tours, otherwise you can have drinks and food in the courtyard across the street with a marvelous view of the brewery. The brewery only opens from 10-4pm.

Oh and order the award winning stout.

3. Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market

The Salamanca Market is the thing everyone will ask if you’re doing once they find out you’re going to Hobart. Go! Definitely go! We went as it was dying down already, it goes from 8:30-3:30, but it was still bustling and hustling later in the day. It’s where we had delicious on-the-go pies and considered spending a fortune on a new wool blanket.

Oh, and have the crepe. With extra Nutella.

4. The MONA: The Museum of Old and New Art

Mona Hobart Mona Hobart Mona Hobart Mona Hobart Mona Hobart Mona Hobart Mona Hobart Mona Hobart

Well, what can I really say about the MONA? It is unlike any other museum I’ve ever been to, but certainly one you would put on a MUST DO list. I don’t want to give anything away but I will tell you exactly how to get yourself there to enjoy it.

We took the MONA ferry ($20) there and back. The timetable is pretty straight forward, as is the route. On a nice day though it’s nice to experience Hobart from the water. You can also drive there if need be.

Spare another 20 bucks to get into the MONA and you’re set. It does close at 5pm though so time your visit accordingly. I would give yourself at least 2 hours to see and read everything.

Oh and let yourself enjoy the smell of poo.



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