Hiking Hong Kong: Wilson Trail

Hong Kong Wilson Trail




The best type of city, in my confident opinion, is one that offers both a busy urban lifestyle and the opportunity to explore The Great Outdoors (see: Portland, Melbourne, Queenstown, LA). Is that greedy? Yes. Is it true? Also yes. I mean, really, who doesn’t love ending a tough 10k hike with a pumping Happy Hour? No one that’s who. Everybody LOVES it and that’s a (made up) fact.

Enter Hong Kong: a city that offers the biggest balance of both these things with class and ease.

I don’t remember how we decided on the Wilson Trail but it probably had something to do with the fact we could use our octopus cards to jump on a 15-minute bus ride from Central. The trail offers gorgeous views of land, sea, skylines and forest everywhere you look, even in foggy weather. It was also quiet and desolate (we went on a weekday) enough that we could sing this as loud as we wanted (we were obsessed for a little while).

The Wilson Trail itself is about 78kms but there are lots of routes with various difficulty levels and time lengths. We started at Tseng Lan Shue and finished at Sha Tin Pass but that was only because we got lost so we followed the only other person we saw on the trail. Our hike was long and tough enough for us to question why we were doing it – we love that feeling of utter regret. Once you get to the top though all those feelings of distress melt away.

If you’re reading this and have no idea what hiking is, the Hong Kong gov site can help.

Handy tip: Pack light but bring snacks and water.
Handy warning: You will encounter lots and lots of steps.

Happy hiking, friends!




Hong Kong Wilson Trail









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