Sour patch Kids

So. Have you heard, seen or eaten? Sour Patch Kids have made their way to Australia. FINALLY! This probably isn’t hugely exciting news for residents of this glorious country but that’s because they haven’t experienced them yet. I, on the other hand, love those cute little guys… We’ve actually been through a lot together.

The love affair took on high voltage intensity in college when I realized a large bag of Sour Patch Kids was a part of my meal plan. At all six Universities I went to. Since then they have been a trusted friends and loyal snacks. They kept me company at the movies, studying quietly in the library; they were by my side at the end of many first dates, on numerous road trips, and at coming-of-age birthdays.

And they somehow always manage to be themselves: understanding, loving and truly delicious.  They even let me borrow their slogan for my About Me section when I first joined Facebook a while back: Sour then Sweet. Why I used it? Beats me.

If this relationship is a negative one (and I guess it is since I’m suppose to be “cutting down on sugar”) then Sour Patch Kids don’t know it. And who cares! I welcome them with an open mouth. They must really love me if they’ve made the trip all the way to Australia just to see me.

Try one at your local Woolworths!

(I wish I could say this post was sponsored by Sour Patch Kids and/or Woolies, but it’s really just sponsored by my heart.)

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