Happy Thanksgiving USA.

There’s not much to be said during Thanksgiving here in Australia. Actually, there is absolutely nothing to be said because we are a full 16 hours ahead of the celebrations, we don’t get off work for it and most importantly, Australia is not the USA or Canada. But I have found that Thanksgiving is really intriguing to a lot of friends. They ask me what it’s all about and I immediately yell FOOOOOOOD! Then, I suppose because of guilt, I tell them about the whole giving thanks, the pilgrims and the indians.

So sadly I’ll be at work the entire day today re-telling Thanksgiving stories of the past and day dreaming of a herb roasted turkey (I’ll take the pieces with skin, thank you!), some “Simple Is Best” dressing, gravy, hearty greens with kumquats, scalloped potatoes with caramelized fennel, spinach puffs, slow roasted green beans with sage, a greek yogurt cheesecake with pomegranate syrup and a banoffee pie.

“Wow you’re lucky you have to specific day dreams, mine are usually about being on a beach” is what you’re probably thinking to yourself. I thought that too, until I learned my day-dream will become a reality this Sunday November 25th – Australian Thanksgiving. My boyfriend’s mom, Jill, offered up her home and her help cooking, Jack also offered to help but we all know how that goes when there the Thanksgiving Day Parade and football are on – oh, wait…

The entire menu for the day was carefully picked out from a very special magazine called Bon Appetit. I got it after a cheeky little swap-n-go- at the nail salon in Florida. I left a Woman’s Health Magazine I brought from home and picked up Bon Appetite. It’s the Thanksgiving issue and I’ve been carrying it in my backpack since I took the flight to Australia a few weeks ago.We’re adding/adjusting a few things to their 42 page step by step plan to Thanksgiving, and leaving out about 90% of it. I’m going to be like a little girl on Christmas morning, and wouldn’t you know it, that’s right around the corner as well!

Part of me wishes I was home slaving away in the kitchen with my mom and sister and sharing the meal with the rest of my family. We killed it last year. Not the turkey, the meal, the turkey was already gone.But another part of me is really excited to share the holiday with friends who haven’t had it and making it our own.

We’re all set with Thanksgiving decorations thanks to my mom who sent over a festive little package; the planning for food, and search of the 14 pound turkey starts today. All that will be left to do is choosing if we want to go dressed up as pilgrims or indians. Wish us luck!

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