Happy New Year from San Francisco!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy, happy New Year from San Francisco! It’s so weird to think that at this moment all our friends and family in Australia are already living in 2014, while we’re still stuck here in the US patiently waiting for 2013 to come to an end.

And what a year it truly was.

One of my best moments was just 4 days ago when we went to “see the tree at Union Square”. It was all a scheme. No one cared about the that weird tall tree glittering in the California sun. It was all about my Jackimo. He was standing within the rest of the tourists with his backpack and his luggage in hand. Months ago he had decided not to come spend Christmas in San Francisco so you can maybe understand why seeing him (feeling betrayed by my family who knew all along!!) would be tear inducing.

So here’s to a 2014 filled great food, a lot of laughter, good times, and even better company,

2013 was pretty awesome but I cannot wait to start 2014. How truly magical I know it will be!


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