Growing up in 2013!


This past christmas was the best, busiest and most grown up one I’ve had yet! How was yours? Filled with love, smiles, red pants, christmas music, deserts, family and presents I hope!

All the presents Jack and I got were pieces we were missing in our amazing little apartment, and to be honest we were ecstatic! Who would have thought seeing a rectangular shaped box with a brand new oven would make my heart skip a beat? And you should have seen our faces when we saw the 6 different sized glass containers, oven and microwave proof, that came with it. Really! WHO ARE WE?

Grown ups, that’s who!

I still make the “joke” of still being a young adult, but in 2013 I’m hoping to cut out the young and just take full advantage of everything getting a wee bit older has to offer. Some people are scared to get older, but I think if you can keep your youth alive, the older the better.

The other day a friend asked me what my hope for 2013 is and all I could think was that I hope it’s just as good as 2012 was; because 2012 has truly been my favorite year yet. With a new job, a new apartment, (new) time management skills, Jackimo by my side, love from my family and a new 9 piece Raco Contemporary cookware set, making this year better than the last is well on its way.

I  really hope YOU also had an amazing, overwhelmingly fun and joyous 2012/Christmas/New Year with loved ones! I’m enjoying the rest of my holiday with mine in Australia before heading to New Zealand with Jack to hopefully visit Cookie Time and Fergburger once again.  Du du duuuuuu.


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