Nammos in Mykonos Was Were We Belonged.

Nammos is a Must Do if you ever find yourself hungry and looking for a good time in Mykonos, Greece. I know both of those are guaranteed, so no excuses!

My trip to Greece was planned using a very strict budget, this meant we would only treat ourselves to one luxurious meal. Nammos was it.

It’s about a 10 minute, 10 Euro taxi ride from the center of Mykonos to Nammos in Psaruo Beach. As you walk through a small corridor the energy instantly hits you. You’ll hear the music pounding, keep walking and you’ll start to see the exotic scenery; a fully open white and straw seating area, soft sand, and sparkling water illuminating Nammo’s elegant guests. It’s the absolute best place to start off that Greek fantasy we’ve all had.

We sat on the all white porch looking out onto the beach. Once we got over how simply, yet effectively beautiful each table was decorated, we ordered a bottle of white wine and concentrated on the menu.

There was no way we could afford to pay 100 Euros for fish, even if we split it. If you can afford it, good on you! I hope to one day go back and try it. We did what any thrifty food consumer would; share and order a few light plates. After sitting in the sun feeling all hot and bothered, salads, seafood, and appetisers was exactly what we wanted anyway.

Our waiter noticed our terrible decision making skills and came to our rescue. We turned down a few dishes that were over a price range, but he got the hint.

We ended up with the most delicious Octopus and Potato Salad (packed with tomatoes, onions, anchovies and capers in a Olive Oil dressing) I’ve ever had, a Fried Eggplant and Feta Cheese Mille Feuille, and fried Zuccini fries.

Have you ever had a meal where you comment on how delicious it is once every minute or find yourself nodding uncontrollably to your friend every time you take a bite? That was this meal!

We completely milked it too. We thought our bottle of wine gave us the right to stay as long as we wanted. We danced to the music and people watched (more like admired the girls in string bikinis confidently dancing around) for at least 3 hours. We didn’t want to go, Nammos was were we belonged.

We finally snapped back to reality when the bill came. Maybe it was the wine or the music or the gorgeous tan men, but the bill was about 50 euros more than we estimated. For the sake of sounding like a “thrifty” tourist: they charged us 6 euros for water and 6 euros for bread we didn’t ask for or eat. After the initial shock wore away; we built ourselves a sand castle and got over it. It was all worth it.

The truth is Nammos is a place I will always remember, and recommend to anyone travelling to Mykonos! When you visit, please try the octopus and potato salad, please. For me.

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