Gorski and Jones

gorski and jones OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI try to trick Jack into taking me for breakfast at least once every weekend. I don’t know why I love it so much, I just do. Most of the time we end up either walking or driving down Smith Street in Collingwood to get to our destination. That’s usually when I get a really good look into Gorski and Jones. It’s beautiful. The entior is cool and hip, yet classy and elegant, same with the menu. I love how I can picture smack dab in the middle of NYC, acting as my very chic apartment.

It’s been months since I’ve been trying to get Jack there so I though I’d try a new strategy and invite Jill, Meg and Lu instead. We had a girls breakfast, and I’m so happy I waited our for them because even with his Urban Spoon approval Jack would have probably not appreciated it like the girls did!

I asked the waitress if we could be seated in the patio just because I wanted to walk through the gorgeous top to floor wall of windows and sit against the exposed brick. It was a special day as Lucinda tried her first ever (how un Australian of her) and loved it! She’s now made the switch from a latte to a flat white. There was a lot of congratulations and smiling involved. So much smiling in fact we realized both our boyfriends tell us our smiles are out of control. This, of course, made us smile harder.

Everyone at the table ordered something different! There was a pancake (yes, literally one pancake), poached eggs with hollandase sauce on top of round hash browns with very thick bacon on the side (which I keep eyeing), crushed avocado  tomato, and persion fetta on toast (fetta = jill) and finally, my plate, the italian workers: proscuitto, pecorino, hard boiled egg, fresh tomato, Sicilian olives. I loved my plate because it felt like a second breakfast my dad might catch me eating in their kitchen, high five me and then steal it all.

I would only do two things differently next time I’m there: get the orange juice as well as the coffee and rent out the back patio area and invite everyone I know! There’s no party like a BRUNCH PARTY! Right?

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