Gorski and Jones Nominated For Best Tuesday Night Date Spot.

gorski and jones

It’s a really exciting time now that the Those Who Eat Out During The Week Awards* are on! If you weren’t thinking of voting for Gorski and Jones to win in the category of Best Tuesday Night Date Spot in all of Collingwood then read this before you vote.

From my experience, at Gorski and Jones you’d usually spend a good 10 minutes searching through the menu trying to find a dish out of the many outstanding options. You’d probably also spend some time playing with the flame of your small candle or reading the subtitles of the black and white movie being projected on the white wall. I knew better than to waste time. I was there for Tuesday $35 pp wood roasted sucking pig and spent the time allotted for menu searching commenting on how incredible it was that the pre dinner bread not only came with olive oil, but also ricotto cheese.

For some unknown reason Jack and I (probably just “I”) thought two servings of the sucking pig with the apple and fennel salad wouldn’t be enough. So a long with my red house wine, we ordered roasted veggies on side. Delicious roasted veggies which I could have eaten by themselves.

Now, for the real stuff. I’m not sure what’s behind roasting the of a sucking pig because I have never and probably will never roast one, but I do think this Gorski and Jones’ plate is extremely delicious and exciting. It’s the type of dish that makes you dance in your seat, if you’re comfortable enough with your date, and he/she is not a vegetarian, that is. Jack and I have been together for nearly two years and are both non-vegetarians so we romantically waltz through dinner.

If you can’t take my word for it and feel you HAVE to go try it for yourself then do! It’s Tuesday. How convenient! Maybe even mention how your a judge and potential voter for the Those Who Eat Out During the Week Awards. You might get a second serving of the Ricotto and bread. Yum!

*I can’t link the website where you vote for these awards, because there isn’t one. But mark my words: one day there will be!

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