Good Camp Food Does Exist!

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Since I’m a self proclaimed camping expert now I though I’d share some stuff I’ve learned from my minimal camping experience. I wish I could hear your ohhh’s and ahhh’s from my computer screen but silence will have to do. Here goes!

I want to tell you about 3 tools to take camping that will help sky rocket your level of popularity among your fellow campers – guranteed. And because I am a firm believer of eating 3 subtancial meals a day I have a tool for every one. Cue infomercial music.


BREAKFAST: A 2 burner propane stove will do a lot more than provide breakfast, but it’s a dream come true when it comes to everything from morning tea/coffee to cooking your bacon and your scrambled eggs, if that’s what your adventurous heart desires.


LUNCH: A jaffle Iron will not only give you delicious grilled cheese, and tasty breakfast rolls, it will provide a Nutella and banana toasty. “What! You brought a bottle of nutella to camp?” would be the reaction from your fellow campers if the jaffle iron wasn’t able to completely camouflage into the fire. No one will ever know. Just fill the iron with whatever you want, shut it and put it in the fire. Ahhhh the great outdoors!


DINNER: Heavy Duty Swivel Grill is thee thing you need for grilling your hot dogs, sausages, or burgers – any meat really, whatever tickles your fancy. And this I like for dinner since you can just place it over the campfire and enjoy the company of your friends while you cook.

Yes, I’m free to go camping anytime!!

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