Getting to know Boston.




Yes, I’ve been to Boston before. Many times. But I had never flown away from it thinking I NEED to tell people about this place. Maybe it’s because, back then, I was taking late night China Town buses from NYC for a 2 day visit my sister who was a college freshmen/sophomore and did not leave her dorm room/soccer area. Maybe it’s because I’ve finally visited as a grown up, with a grown up sister who does grown up things in childish ways. I don’t know. What I do know is that my visit to the pristine city of Boston this October (can you believe it’s already November!) was the real winner. What a fantastic city! You must go!

I can’t wait to tell you about the things we ate, and drank, the places we went, the streets and parks we walked around, monsoons we withstood, the hockey games we survived, the running tracks we found, the apples we didn’t pick, the squirrels we petted!

I applaud you Boston and I sincerely apologize for only thinking of you as “the pretty place my sister goes to school” for so long. It’s not about someone who goes to one of the many universities that inhabit you, it’s about all the great things you have to offer – like a rocking personality.


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    Well done. Beautifully written! My experience has been the same. The more I go the more I like Boston. We keep on dining these hidden treasures. I look forward reading your next blogs 🙂

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