Gastro Park // Sydney

DSC_1011Gastro Park provided me with my first ever 10 course meal experience. Well, kinda. It would have had we chosen to go with the 10, 7, or 4  course tasting menu. Instead, we chose to go share every plate except our mains.

Wait – there’s an elephant on this blog, and I know I can feel it too. You’re wondering why a restaurant would name itself after the nickname of a medical condition that results in a combination of diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and cramping.

Before you do what I did and start tweeting them a letter I should tell you that Gastro is short for two things. You probably already knew that, but the Gastro this amazing Sydney restaurant is referring to is the study of the relationship between culture and food.

Ohhhhh! Great! That makes A LOT of sense, especially because at Gastro Park it’s all about the food. The dimly lit triangular space is basically a classroom. Your waitress is your teacher and you, young person, are the excitable and eager pupil.

You think you know what you’re ordering until it the plate is placed infront of you and a thousand questions start coming out of your deer in headlight eyes.

So lets play a game! I will share a photo* from the meal and then tell you the first few questions that poped into my head. If you have any feel free to write them below. We can be confused together.

IMG_5265Foie Gras, wild hare, beet root, plum vinegar, red cabbage granitawhere is the actual foie gras? Can I have some bread on the side to spread it on? And why is this red cabbage colder than dip and dots? 

IMG_5264Sugar cured king salmon, iced tomato tea, sorrel sorbet. Isn’t this one a little too simple? I just want to know what that skinny white thing is before I eat it, please? 


Crispy scaled snapper, smoked potato puree, calamari crackling, ink sauce. Am I meant to be eating the scales? Are you SURE? Will it hurt? What are those long circular  yummy things? How do you make this crackling calamari, it’s stupendous? Can I ask, how do you actually get the ink sauce? 

IMG_5254Nitro pavlova, pineapple, coconut, papaya. Oh, so there is no biscuit base? It’s cooked in nitro what? Oh, so it’s like a healthy version? 


Chocolate, honeycomb, mandarin sphere, cardamom, saffron, ginger. Okay, okay (holding back giggles) so all we have to do is break it open and honeycomb sauce will pour out? Are you sure this is enough for four people? Will those dip and dot things be cold again? Is this a don’t try at home type of dish? 

We are very lucky to be playing this game with the description of the dishes right under them because at the restaurant it was all about pointing, and probably insulting the waitress by saying “this one over here” and “now that one”. But I get it. Some food is just delicious art; art you can taste. Art that stimulates both the brain and the stomach (find a picture reference below). My favorite type of art.


*Sorry about the photo quality. I was trying to be classy and less embarrassing by keeping my iphone on the table instead of my Nikon.

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