Four Hours in Vegas, Baby












Only having four hours to explore a city like Las Vegas seems silly. I mean, how much can you actually do in four hours? As it turns out, you can do a lot!

Our time in Vegas could not have turned out better if an Elvis impersonator showed us around himself.

The first challenge was finding a place to park our dear oversized campervan; somehow, we found the parking lot of Excalibur Casino almost immediately. We thought we were being cheeky by parking there without paying a fee but later found out they offer free parking. (You’re welcome for the hot tip!)

We didn’t want to waste any time debating where to go so we made decisions based on proximity. We got a terrible vibe from the casino inside Excalibur so we moved on to the one next door, New York New York Hotel & Casino.

The second challenge came in the form of finding food. This was only a problem for a total of two minutes. We followed the signs leading to  Shake Shack  and filled our bellies with the delicious sustenance known as the Shackburger. Numerous food options were offered inside the New York New York Casino but you know how I feel about Shake Shack. I’M BLOODY OBSESSED WITH IT.

We then split off to enjoy our favorite parts of the casino. I got lucky in the roulette section, my sister braved the crowds at the ever-popular $5 blackjack table. Harry and Jack roamed the interior trying out every section of the casino until they felt comfortable.

I should mention that the myth regarding free drinks as you gamble in Vegas casinos is not a myth at all. I was prepared to pay for my rum and coke but the waitress said the only thing necessary was a tip. She was very pretty and straight forward, and I was frightened of her. I should also mention that I (more than) doubled my money. No biggie. Just the usual deal [Insert smug face emoticon].

With only 30 minutes left of our scheduled time, we braved a ride on the Big Apple Coaster. It was the worst rollercoaster because the cart felt old and rackety; and because it turned upside down; and because it went too fast but also too slow; and because I feared for all four of our lives the entire time. But it was also the best rollercoaster for those very same reasons. Isn’t screaming for our mommies while puddles of nervous sweat form on our seat what we all want from rollercoasters?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely chuffed with our group for making the most out of our four hours. I heard it’s hard to have a crappy time in Sin City though so maybe that’s just Vegas, baby!

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