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As soon as we arrived in Portland, we left again. For the day. We didn’t want to, but visiting the outskirts of the city was encouraged by every single person we met. A friend of a friend even offered up his car and wrote down a small itinerary for the next day’s outing.

Small Itinerary
Double mountain Brewery and Taproom in Hood River
Multnomah Falls in Mount Hood

We had no idea Portland was going to be a haven for waterfalls. But since the nature and scenery is only 30-minutes away, it was easy devise a plan and chase them down. We focused on Hood River because that’s where Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom is located. We chose Multnomah Fall because it was closest waterfall to said brewery.

As you know, there comes a time in every tourist’s trip when they must decide between a boozy day in or an adventurous day out. You would think, due to Hood River’s enormous opportunity for outdoor activities, that we chose an adventurous day out. Thing was, we heard just as many compliments about the pizza and beer at Double Mountain as we did about mountain biking. So, a boozy day in it was!

Plus, you don’t have to work hard – or be very sober – to find yourself face-to-face with Multnomah Fall. A two minute walk from the parking lot will get you this view:


A ten minute walk will get you this one:


More importantly though, I cannot recommend the pizza from Double Mountain enough. Each pizza is made with a thin crust and is served perfectly crisp! I had the Truffle Shuffle (or as Jack called it, “the most expensive item on the menu”) – it’s a white pie with mozzarella, crumbled goat cheese, spring onion and white-truffle-oil-marinated portobello mushrooms. I added chilli flakes. IT WAS THE INCREDIBLE! The beer only enhanced the flavor. Choosing a beer was tough thanks to the extensive selection of seasonal and experimental offerings but the staff is friendly, helpful and patient.

Double Mountain describes itself as a “brewer’s brewery”, but I would simply call it an “every-person’s brewery, which you should definitely visit”.

 Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom
8 Fourth Street, Hood River, Oregon 97031
They do not take reservation. Arrive early!

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