For the love of Sriracha

Sriracha Hollandaise I can’t believe I lived 22 years of my life without knowing Jack existed. Similarly, I can’t believe I lived 25 years without coming across sriracha hollandaise.


I bet you just had that moment of something turning on in your brain. Something that made you think, ‘wait – THIS is the first time I’ve heard about sriracha hollandaise?’ To my complete amusement, some people still don’t even know what the adored hot sauce is. Hopefully this animation will be a sufficient explanation.

This Sunday I was “not feeling myself” but we managed to get ourselves to the cafe in closest proximity. I was hoping Backstreet Eating in Fitzroy would save our day. It did. The dish that caught my eye was the corned beef hash with sriracha hollandaise. There was no way I wasn’t getting that hollandaise in my belly. But soon our waiter came over, dropped off coffees, told us the breakfast specials and we both changed our minds.

Jack ordered the french toast. I ordered the brussel sprouts with chunks of bacon, toast and a poached egg, and very kindly asked if I could still have a side of sriracha hollandaise. He laughed as he said ‘yes, of course‘. Then I laughed, and Jack joined in the fun. It was all out of excitement for what was to come: one of the most memorable and unexpectedly delicious breakfast dishes I’ve had the honor of scarfing down.

What a completely glorious day it turned out to be!

Backstreet Eating 
152 Kerr St. Fitzroy VIC 3065

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