Finger Food Etiquette. A Myth?


I, for one, have no idea what the rules of eating finger food are. I wish I did, but I actually don’t think any exist. I went to an all girls etiquette school when I was 14 years old and I don’t remember there ever being a section on Eating Finger Foods in between How To Set the Table, How to Cook , or French Class. Those rules, if they existed, would definitely be something my mom would know about and encourage us to live by, but instead she gets her hands dirty and joins in on the fun.

The reason we planned to go to Mallora is because my parents, those lucky ducks, were going for work. They were attending a conference and let us tag on as “colleagues”. It was very easy to blend in, until lunch time when the conference split a little bit of finger food and drinks. As we were walking to reserve a table it started. Waiters with trays of food coming out of everywhere, all white tables set up with delicious goodies. It was like the Comic-Con of finger food. I’m talking prosciutto, duck risotto, croquettes, fried brie cheese; you name it they served it.

I want to say we started off slowly and then picked up the pace, but that would be a lie. We all split to cover different tables and got plate fulls for us all to share. Every time a waiter would come out of the kitchen (heaven) we tried what they had to offer, no questions asked. I think the waiters actually caught on to our eating habits because when the had a tray of something new they’d bring it right over.

It wasn’t until dessert came that I looked down at our table and felt – just a little bit – of embarrassment. We lined the table with rows of chocolates and tiny pastries. Keeping each family member in mind, we’d each get four of every bite sized dessert so no one would be left out. Seemed like great team work to us, but probably not from afar.

At one point I looked around and found that there were two kinds of people present. The ones, like us, who took part in the celebration of finger foods, and ones that had no food at all. But I’m positive when I say that none if them, and I mean not one of them, knew the rules and etiquette behind finger foods.

And back to work…

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