Family Meets Family

DSC_0661 dinner girlsDSC_0649dinnerfoodkangarooDSC_0658pavlovaIs there a better way for the families of a loving couple to meet than over a home cooked meal? Before you answer I should tell you that it’s a rhetorical question. Everyone knows the answer!

No – there is no better way. So when Jack and I realized there would only be a one day overlap during the holidays when both our families would be in Melbourne we rushed over to his mom’s house and begged her to hold dinner there. Begging was extremely unnecessary since she not only said yes before we finished asking, but she took over planning/cooking dinner.

So after a few weeks, a 27 hour flight and a 3 hour nap my family was in Melbourne and I was driving them to dinner.

I couldn’t stop moving, and talking; intense and constant shocks of excitement were actually causing the car to turn left and right. It still feels like a dream.

Jack and I never thought this day would actually come. That’s why when I saw my mom hug Jack’s mom, and my sister say hi to Jack’s sister, and my dad shake Jacks dad’s hand my heart did a gold medal worthy cart-wheel.

Dinner was perfect, and as Australian as possible. The kangaroo and the Pavlova*, the dishes most foreign to my family, were a huggeeee hit! They felt a bit weird about tasting kangaroo before petting one, but the guilt went away after the first bite.

And of course there were some things said that were embarrassing (mommmm!), but for the most part Jack and I just sat forward in our chairs, holding hands underneath the table feeling so lucky and thankful for our individual families and the way they came together, for us.

*I’ll get this recipe from Jack’s mom to share!

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    Wonderful !!!!!!! it is so much fun reading these blogs since I can feel the enthusiasm and excitment you project in your words while I am reading it.

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