Eataly: food temple AND Nutella bar




The best corner in all of New York City is 23rd and Broadway. It’s completely surrounded by greatness.

If you’re standing across the charming Flat Iron Building, you’ll see Madison Square Park (home to the most beautiful Shake Shack location of them all) to your left. A little past burger heaven you’ll come across SPiN NYC. If you look to the right, you’ll find Eataly.

Originally, this was going to be a story about Eataly’s recently opened Nutella Bar. Yes! You read that right! A NUTELLA BAR! Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better they went and opened up an entire section dedicated to making sugary treats (think: crepes, waffles, hot chocolates, pastries, gelato) centered around the world’s favorite hazelnut-chocolate spread.

It was then that I realized I’ve never even told you about Eataly. And that’s silly of me because it’s one of New York City’s greatest food related experiences and has become somewhat of a destination in itself.

Eataly is everything: a restaurant(s), cafe, market place, home-goods store, bar, and school. It’s an intimidating, enormous and well organized food temple. There’s even an information desk and “how to eat at Eataly” flyers.

There are seven different restaurants within the one venue, each with a single specialty:
Manzo is the fancy fine-dining section focusing on meat.
Il Pesce is the master of all things seafood and my favorite!
Le Verdura is the show off , creating exquisite dishes with seasonal vegetables.
Birreria is the rooftop restaurant and microbrewery.
La Piazza is the stand-up wine bar which serves cheese boards and cold cut meats.
La Pizza is the dependable pizza specialist.
La Pasta concentrates on, well, classic and satisfying pasta dishes.

Oh and there’s also a Nutella bar. Not sure if I already mentioned it…



New York City Eats

New York City Eats

New York City Eats

New York City Eats

New York City Eats

Because we are good friends I’ll suggest you skip the pasta and pizza and head straight for the Il Pesce, Le Verdura or Manzo. While the three restaurants boast exciting menus, it’s the specials boards that will make your mouth water. It’s there where you’ll find the one-of-kind dishes.

The best thing about Eataly is that they sell everything they cook and only cook with what they sell. Meaning that if you are over-the-moon inspired by the house-made tagliatelle with goats shoulder and black truffle butter you just devoured, you can purchase all ingredients on the spot and recreate it at home.

And, yes, of course Eataly will be packed with people. Just walk in with confidence and you’ll be okay. I promise the food is worth the awkwardness of smashing into people who stop mid stride to look at the high-end Italian made espresso machines (guilty!).

If the zombie apocalypse happens while I’m in New York City, you know where to find me.

200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010, United States
+1 (212) 229-2560
Reservations available for Manzo and Birreria only

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