Eat me – Said Crif Dogs

I personally think the best time to visit New York City is when a friend who lives there is available and at your disposal. If you go on your own you will most likely miss out on places like Crif Dogs, and I cannot explain how big of a shame that would be.

Crif Dogs has been an East Village staple since it’s opening in 2001, and I had definitely heard about the speakeasy with a wiener hanging in front as a mascot demanding to be eaten. But a year of living in the East Village had passed and I still hadn’t gone, so I made it a priority. It’s so sad to think I had this magical place right under my nose for so long.

After walking down some steps, some classic arcade games, and a crowd of people drinking PBR,  feast your eyes on the menu above the check out counter. They offer everything from beef or pork dogs to smoked and deep fried dogs to veggie dogs, each with it’s own clever nick name of course.

The chihuahua is my choice; it’s a bacon wrapped hot dog with sour cream and avocado. It’s pretty light, and surprisingly refreshing. That is until you start eating the waffle fries you said you’d “share” with your roommate.

Then it’s just about the least expensive, most satisfying lunch or dinner you may find in the city.

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