Eat and Drink Responsibly: Bluecorn


This is the first meal I’ve written about where I’ve been “feeling the drinks” so my apologies, and whoops.

You may remember Megan and her birthday breakfast at Cherrio. Well, she also had a birthday dinner, but not just anywhere, at Bluecorn; Jack and I’s favorite Mexican restaurant (thus far) in all of Melbourne. We’d probably go every weekend if it wasn’t so far from us, all those 30 minutes away in St. Kilda. But thank goodness because distance does truly make the heart grow fonder, especially in this case.

The food at Bluecorn is not your typical, every day, taco truck Mexican food, I think it’s special. It’s a gourmet version of every single Mexican meal I’ve had, and that’s to say the least. On my first visit for another friend’s birthday, not knowing Bluecorn was already Melbourne institution, my mind was blown by my pork belly burrito off the specials menu. And for someone who doesn’t go out of her way for a good mojito I chugged my three pretty quickly before begging everyone to stay for a fourth.

I therefore nearly dropped my iPhone from excitement when Megan so innocently informed me her birthday dinner would be at Bluecorn. I danced, and laughed, and hugged her, and called Jack to rub it in. I was going to Bluecorn, with a reservation at 8:15 and a group of my friend’s friend. That is about 10 more people than I’d usually go with, which is the best because it means more plates for me to judge, by smell and sight of course.

The one bad thing about our 8:15pm reservation was getting out of work at 6pm, and we all know the only thing there is to do with those two hours in between is drink. Margaritas. Homemade and strong. So homemade and strong in fact that by the time you take the cab and arrive 15 minutes late, you’re feeling it. Feeling it so much you’re feeling brave enough to order a $24 patron margarita. I won’t be that guy and complain about the price, because I’ve never enjoyed a dinner cocktail more, and it lasted me the entire life of the meal.

I REALLY want to tell you exactly what is was I ordered off the specials menu this time around, but my brain was not working. I can picture the black type on the menu but all I see is blurry. I know there was deliciously, soft and melty ribs cooked in something that I want to say was sangria, and on the side was my burrito with avocado, sour cream, lemon, salad and, perfectly melted cheese. All I kept thinking was I have to come back with Jack when I’m sober so he can try this, which was completely interrupted by a thought that went something like, “ooooooooh, I hope someone noticed how easily that meat came off the bone. haha they’re all suckers for not getting this.”

I also REALLY want to share with you what that dessert was, but not only do I not remember what it was, I forgot to take a picture until the middle of it, and it was so good I remember thinking screw it I’ll take the picture afterward.

Moral of the story is, it doesn’t really matter what I ordered. It matters that you go and have the best time! So, please, please, go, but learn from my mistakes and drink responsibly until you get there.

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