When Shopping Leads to Eating.

You know how sometimes you agree to go shopping with a friend even though you absolutely can’t buy anything? And then you spend an entire day keeping away from anything resembling that black leather backpack from Top Shop you want, and outside your friends dressing room saying, “yes, definitely buy it! At least you can!”

This happens to me a lot. I especially tend to hover over any book section I find, but especially in Urban Outfitters.

In Urban Outfitters was, what I assume to be, the newest, most hip and exciting restaurant guide book sharing where in London I should be eating. I immediately turned to East London, my neighborhood. There was only one restaurant listed in there that I hadn’t heard of which actually interested me: E. Pellicci.

Located in East London, the family owned E. Pellicci takes up a very small amount of place on Bethnal Green Road. It’s cozy in there, making it perfect for the atmosphere they maintain. If you like to keep to yourself during breakfast and like to have no interaction with the server other than the necessary then stay away. You will become best friends with the server by the time you take your seat. His name will most likely be Nevio Junior, and he will most likely suggest you order the freshly squeezed orange juice. You should do it, it’s delicious.

He will also suggest the breakfast sandwich. I got mine with egg, bacon, cheese, tomato and mustard. It was so good I went back the same week for another. The amount of food you get for the price and quality is astonishing. E. Pellicci is the only place in London I found that I can really say that about.

To be honest, I chose to order the breakfast sandwich out of fear. The plates being served to the patrons sitting around us were at sauce capacity. The lasagna – actually, I’m not if it was lasagna I couldn’t see the actual food.

This is truly a restaurant to visit when you’re hungry. Even our breakfast sandwichs were too much. So if you’re ever in East London and in the mood for some filling food, make your way to E. Pellicci and visit Mama Maria. She will help you leave there full, with money in your pocket, and a new friend, maybe even two.

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