Drinking Around The World


On Visiting Epcot 

There are many reasons why one would choose to spend an entire day in Disney’s Epcot Theme Park. You may want to get up close and personal to the giant golf ball, for example. I wanted to challenge my family to a game called “Drinking Around the World”. People think that visiting Epcot is about learning, using your imagination and experiencing cool rides, but it’s really about how many countries you can drink in a single day. The park is made up of two areas: The Future World and The World Showcase.

The Future World focuses on shows and rides on the subject of technological innovations, while The Wold Showcase is made up of 11 pavilions. Each pavilion represents the best aspects of an individual country.

Here’s what you need to know…

Breakfast and The Future World 


You need to get to Epcot early and head straight for the Boulangerie Patisserie, the bakery in France. It opens at 8am, before anything else in the park. Order croissants and coffee, and take photos in the nearly empty park. Then, quickly enjoy all The Future World’s noteworthy rides (Spaceship Earth, Soarin’, Test Track, Mission Space). Remember to book with Fastpass.

The World Showcase



It should be between 11-11:30am now so you can start day drinking. Head on over to The World Showcase! In each country you’ll find select shows, immersive rides, a sampling of food and educational activities, but you’ll mostly want to pay attention to the closest bar. It may seem like you have all the time in the world but drinking your way through 11 countries is way harder and more time consuming than it seems.

From what I remember: 



In Mexico, I did tequila shots and ate burritos.
In Canada, I tried Canadian beer and watched lumber jacks throw axes.
In England, we had beer and danced at the Rose & Crown pub. My dad had whiskey; he’s crazy.
In France, we took pictures with the Eiffel Tower. I would have loved a champagne though.
In Morocco, We had beers by the name of Mythos
In Japan, I wanted an Asahi but somehow ended up with sake.
In Italy, we had wine with a delicious dinner.

Unfortunately, we failed and didn’t make it to every country. It was quite disappointing, to be honest.

Drinking Around the World: Rules and Regulations


We printed this scoreboard and this rule sheet for each family member. There are a lot of them on the internet but we think these are the best.

Make sure everyone in your group understands the rules before the start. You can keep the game fairly simple by following the standard rule sheet OR! you can add additional opportunities for bonus points, such as…

1) The person to take the coolest (aka funny/clever) picture in every country gets 5 bonus points. The winner of each country is decided at the end by a unanimous vote. I lost. For some reason, I chose to stand in fountains for all my pictures – not very clever. Plus, I nearly lost a shoe.


2) If someone asks you to try their drink you must accept the offer and thank them. If you accidentally decline, five points will be taken off your score.

Yes, non-alcoholic drinks get you points too, as long as the drink is in theme with the country. This gives you a reason to stay hydrated. But to be honest, I seemed to always go for beer.

Hot tip 


It seems that the more drinks you have, the more time you’re willing to spend exploring a country. We spent a lot of time fooling around in England’s Rose and Crown Pub, and way too much time trying on funny hats in Morocco. My sister said her favorite part of the day was jumping around in Japan.

Remember, you can definitely travel to the next country while drinking your beverage from the last foreign place, but that’s a sure way of letting your drinks add up. You’ll find yourself double fisting beers in China if you’re not careful.

I wish I could play with you. 

My suggestion is to keep “playing the game” until Epcot’s famous, nightly fireworks show starts. You’re going to have the funnest goddam day a 20 something year old can have while she wears minnie mouse ears!








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