Drink-checks for all!


Last week, on behalf of Reallymelbourne.com, I got the chance to see an incredible show at the Melbourne Recital Centre called My Latin Heart. The Grigoryan Brothers and José Carbó were outstanding. If you ever have a chance to see the Grigoryan Brothers play music, take it. They are masters of both rhythm and humour – you can read the recap here.

Unfortunately, this is not a story about the show; This is about intermissions. And it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that whoever thought 10 minutes was long enough for them was crazy. There is no way to scramble out of the theatre, pee, wash AND dry hands, line up at the bar, order a drink, pay for it, finish it like a normal person and get back to your seat in just 10 minutes.

Other people must feel the same because I wasn’t the only one trying to sneak my drink back into the theatre. A herd of us were denied at once. As the warning sounds signalling it was time to get back to our seats got louder, my fellow audience members began chugging their drinks. I was unable to join them due to a red wine incident in high school, which I rather not talk about.

So, going against everything my mom taught in regards to leaving drinks unattended, we left our wines on the floor in a hidden corner next to a theatre door. There were risks with the plan, of course. Would theatre staff clear the glasses as they cleaned the area? Would someone drug and kidnap us? Or, worst of all, would someone accidentally knock the glasses over and spill our precious wine?

After an encore and a standing ovation, we ran out to find our wines safe. We got lucky. The Recital Centre’s bar had closed and we were the only ones in the theatre with drinks after the show. We finished them in lobby while making grand plans to finally book in for guitar lessons.

Our story had a happy ending, yes, but that’s not always the case. Something needs to be done about short intermissions, and quick.

Maybe the solution is as simple as a coat-check for drinks. I know, it’s a genius idea!


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