Don’t Try This At Home.

photo 2I got a little too excited when Jack was coming back from his trip last week, as you do when your boyfriend is away for a significant amount of time. I was so excited in fact I thought it would be cute, and smart, and funny, and even a little romantic to dress in Jack’s suit and wait for him in the small, domestic baggage claim at the Melbourne International airport.

It wasn’t the worst idea I’ve ever had, but the execution was poor, and that’s being really nice to myself about it. I didn’t even think an execution would be necessary – I mean, he know I was coming. I thought I would just stand there, wait, and run to give him the biggest hug in the world. Easy. The dressing up was just a gesture. But, no. If there is one thing I’ve learned, which I should have learned long ago from working in video production, it’s that everything needs a little pre production and a creativity cap.

Jack landed at around 11:15am and in an attempt to make it seem like I was late I didn’t send any text messages. Now being dressed would REALLY be a surprise, I thought. Then our friends, Josh and Bree, suggested cementing the idea in Jack’s head that “We were late and could not make it to pick him up. So we booked a driver through Uber Cabs who would be waiting for him at baggage claim.” An idea that probably didn’t even need to be cemented since my boy who had just spent about 13 hours in transit could probably only think of one thing: finally being home.  That text was our first mistake. Our lie was too believable and for no good reason.

The second mistake was simply standing at the wrong end of baggage claim. Sure, I stood there for 20 minutes holding my Personal Pick Up Service for Jack Post poster in one hand and a flower in the other, and entertained a good 100’s of people, but why I didn’t think there was something wrong when Jack wasn’t coming out through those windowed doors is beyond me. Jack is both very smart, and not fussed about anything so when I finally received a message back from him letting me know he couldn’t find a driver, so he jumped in a normal cab and he couldn’t wait to see me at home my heart sank. Josh’s heart didn’t. Josh’s heart thought maybe Jack was trying to trick us back so we all went back to our positions for another 5-10 minutes before actually calling him.

He was long gone.

It’s a strange feeling going to an airport dressed up and leaving empty-handed, which is probably about the time you realize you are the only one with the keys to your house. Poor little Jackimo was never going home.

photo 3

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