Documentaries for a Night In.


It’s Thursday night. Your boyfriend is out for the night playing basketball with the boys and you’ve got the house to yourself. Excellent!, you think. A night in alone, I can do whatever I want! You treat yourself to a bottle of red wine, maybe even a bit of chocolate for dessert or a tub of Gelato Messina. You find that recipe you’ve been wanting to try but were scared to mess up in front of other people and buy the ingredients on your way home after a long day of work.

You will relax tonight, you think to yourself on the tram ride home. You’ll sit on the couch with all your favorite things and just relax. But wait – what will you watch? You realize you don’t have anything to watch and I’m sorry but Big Brother won’t do because it makes you feel angry and confused.

The night takes a turn for the worst when you spend a good 2 hours googling what to watch and get lost in the depths of the internet. Next thing you know that boy you are madly in love with walks in the door wanting to tell you how many points he scored and oh, thank god you haven’t made dinner because he’s starving.

Night alone ruined.

Here’s 3 documentaries I recently watched for the next time this happens to you.

1) A Band Called Death 

2) Joan River: A Piece of Work 

3) Exit Through the Gift Shop 


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    Of that list, I’ve seen Exit Through The Gift Shop. So frustrating and how interesting to see a monster being born. As a creative, it’s a bit of a slap in the face to see someone selling art when all they do is hire artists to produce art and spend the rest of the time creating hype. A good doco though.

    I know a local (New Zealand) artist who met Mr Brainwash and he said that he had a huge team of artists working for him. Here in New Zealand, we just don’t do that. You alone are responsible for every piece with your name on it unless you’re talking about collaboration. It means the work you do is limited to several pieces.

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