Do you like anchovies?

DSC_0352DSC_0354Get that grossed out look off your face! It’s rude. Listen, it’s sort of a proven, but fictional fact that one in seven of your group of friends likes anchovies and how do you think that face you’re putting on is making her feel?

Now, you will obviously need to do something nice and out of the ordinary to make it up to your dear friend and I have just the thing! If you live in Melbourne you should get the Katnrenes Anchovy Extra from the The Oven delivered to their door. You will not touch or have any of that thin crusted, wood fired pizza, you will sit silently (or loudly if that’s what you friend wants) and watch her enjoy what will no doubt become her favorite anchovy pie of pizza of all time. It comes with tomato, cheese, salami and DOUBLE anchovies! Whatttttttt?

Anchovies are a very distinct taste you see, and once you love it you can’t really get enough it. In my experience, if you order a pizza that has anchovies in the description they usually come cooked under the cheese, if you order them on the side they will not give you the right amount; not enough. The Oven just gets us anchovy lovers. We need double the anchovies! I don’t know how I’ve never seen this on a menu before.

Along with cheese,  this double anchovy pizza pie is also something I think about a lot. I was talking to myself the other day and said, “maybe I’ll get that double anchovy pizza for dinner.” Jack over heard me and shut the idea down because he hates anchovies and he hates fun. Its hard to plan something with yourself when you live with someone you want to hang out with all the time!

Now I’m left here thinking about it, still wanting it, wondering when I’ll have that perfect mix of salt and spicy back in my life again. 

Warning: giving this pizza to an anchovy lover may cause weird and unnatural reactions such as.

DSC_0705 DSC_0707

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