Dine and Ditch, Minus the Dine: A Story

Dine and Ditchers

The Beginning

These two are Josh and Bree, they are Jack and I’s first friend couple and we absolutely LOVE them.

They are also my heroes. They did something I have wanted to do many times, but have been way too scared, embarrassed and ashamed to ever go through with.

It was a beautiful night at Crown Casino in Southbank, as Josh and Bree waited for me to get to Cervo and start a fun filled night of food and movies. They sipped on their water, touched all the utensils, and started a relationship with the waiter. Suddenly, out of nowhere, they decided that Cervo wasn’t the best option. They had been there before and loved it, but the vibe wasn’t right.

The Middle

On the tram I was writing an apology in text form when I received a text with privilege informing me of our new meeting point. I couldn’t believe it. I knew they had already been seated, I knew exactly what it would take for them to leave. Lies. Betrayal. Risks. Danger.

I was scared as I sat down at Merrywell, our new location. Josh and Bree weren’t there yet. What if they were caught in their lie about being late to their movie? What if they left anything behind like a iPhone; would they go back to get it? What if they were made to pay for their water and died of embarrassment? All sorts of  What If’s echoed in my ear?

The End

They are brave souls for only few would do such things. I am not one of them. No matter how much I want to change my mind, if my butt touches the seat there is no way in hell I’m getting up. This may mean I’m weak, it may mean I’m not as adventurous as I though, but at least I’m safe.

I ran and bear hugged them as they walked in. I couldn’t believe they did it, lived to tell me the story, and have some good old American food with me. We found out Merrywell has got delicious shakes and YELLOW mustard – making every risk taken that night completely worth it.

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