Demitri’s Feast in Richmond

Demitri's Feast RichmondDemitri's Feast Demitri's Feast Demitri's Feast

Occasionally I am late to things.

Some say it’s because I’m Hispanic which means I automatically add 15 minutes to any start time. Some other people (mostly me) say it’s because I take public transportation and the fate of my timing lies with the trams and trains of the city.

Last week I learned that the consequences of being late for an early-morning-before-work breakfast date with friends is that THEY ORDER FOR YOU! The nerve.

I’d been looking forward to a Greek breakfast at Demitri’s for some time. The small cafe on Swan St. creates a comfortable, fun atmosphere even at 7:30 am, and the outdoor patio at the back begs the question(s), ‘is summer here yet? Oh, not yet? When will it be? Oh, common. Just a guesstimate will do’. The menu involves such sexy, exotic offerings that you have to come prepared to take a risk and try anything. I was salivating over plates like: Spanish sardines, Maria’s egg saganaki, the rizogulo, or even the Ouzo cured salmon. I wanted any plate that was not described the same way on any other cafe’s menu.

First, I would like to fair to my friends and say that they waited as long as possible before ordering for me so, really, I can only blame myself. As I walked in and ordered a coffee they were excited to tell me that we were all getting the same thing: The smashed avocado.

I was disappointed but only until the plates were placed in front of us. This smashed avocado plate is not like all the others I’ve tried. It’s plentiful and filling and comes with all the sides I always wish I could add on: bacon, confit cherry tomatoes and a poached egg.

Second, I would like to be 100% honest and admit that I’ve been back to Demitri’s since and found myself (and Jack) ordering the smashed avocado. So maybe I’m not as big of a risk taker as I thought, but when you know something is good I guess curiosity for the exotic and sexy goes out the window. Wait – what am I writing about here?

Demitri’s Feast 
141 Swan Street, Richmond 3121
Open Tuesday – Friday 7.30am to 4.30pm
Saturday – Sunday 8am to 4.30am



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